pokemons comish.png


Sketch: £10


Lines: £20


Flats: £25

Cell shading: £30-£35



Greyscale flats: £22


Greyscale shaded: £28


Colour or grey painted shading: £50


Gradient colourisation (greyscale only:) +£2 to original price.

I will draw furries, animals, fanart, fan characters etc. I will not draw NSFW or fetish art, complicated robots, hate art or gore.

If you would like a simple background, single colour/textured gradient/effect type backgrounds are +£5, rough painted settings/scenery/locations are +£10. I'm not currently offering lined backgrounds, but there is some leeway on props or foreground items. The price of additional characters depends on complexity but will not exceed the prices stated here. 

To commission me, either contact me via this website, on ComicFury or on Twitter to discuss what you would like and pricing. Payment is accepted by paypal only, and upfront. Visual references are essential. Feel free to check in with me about how things are going, and once your art is completed use it however you like as long as credit is given to either JammyTheBirb or Jon Walker.

If you would like cheaper art, ask me about my second artstyle.